In 2018, we assisted Fire Explorers across California, Alabama, and New York. This year has been our most fulfilling yet, with highlights such as:

  • Donating gear that properly fits and is deemed safety compliant and functional! – 102 helmets, 66 boots, 29 pairs of gloves, 11 hoods, 10 goggles, 10 suspenders, 37 turnout jackets, 33 turnout pants; estimating about $135,000 worth of gear!
  • Sponsoring 20 young men and women through Fire Explorer Academies! – $3,600 total was invested into furthering educations and opportunities for careers.
  • Helping Fire Explorers participate in events and camps where they can gather confidence, team building skills, and network within the fire community! – $2,225 total went towards hosting fundraisers and covering supplies and meal costs for them.

Please read our end of the year letter below for more information.


We have done almost a quarter of a million dollars in donations to date since being founded. This includes gear and scholarships. With these donations we have been able to help the following fire departments with all our donations:


Helena Fire Department

Wicksburg Volunteer Fire Department


Prescott Fire Department

Yarnell Fire Department


Apple Valley Fire Department

Big Bear Fire Department

California Fire Riverside County

Compton Fire Department

Fairfield Fire Department

Fresno Fire Department

LA County Fire Department

La Habra Heights Fire Department

Long Beach Search & Rescue

Monterey County Regional Fire Department

Monterey Park Fire Department

Rialto Fire Department

San Bernardino County Fire Department

Torrance Fire Department


Stoneham Fire Department

New York

New York Fire Department


Fort Sam Houston Fire Department