From left: Joe, Kevin, & Anna Woyjeck

“Kevin had a contagious laugh and smile, and was best known for his love of life, youthful energy, and desire to serve others and make a difference. Kevin knew that he wanted to dedicate his life to achieve his dream of working for the Los Angeles County Fire Department. Although he unfortunately was not able to make it to his goal, he achieved way more than we could have imagined in the time he was blessed with and we are extremely proud of him. This association helps us deal with the loss of Kevin because we are able to give back to others in a way he would have wanted.

Just like Kevin, we would want for any young adult to continue, or join, in a fire explorer program who knows they want to ultimately join a fire department. The lessons taught based upon hard work and discipline are extremely valuable to carry into adulthood. Our goal is to help as many fire explorer programs across the nation as we can, receive monetary and physical donations that help the explorers themselves feel safe and confident during their meetings and drills, and help them successfully gain knowledge that will positively influence their life.” -Joe and Anna Woyjeck, founders.