Kevin Woyjeck Explorers for Life Fundraiser

Please join us for a Sunday afternoon fundraiser supporting the Kevin Woyjeck Explorers for life association.  This event will be held on a  private deck overlooking beautiful Alamitos bay, the same bay that Kevin spent countless days chasing spotted bay bass and halibut.

The Kevin Woyjeck Explorers for Life Association

 “Our purpose is to assist young men and women in the Fire Explorer Program with financial support and material donations.

The Kevin Woyjeck Explorers for Life Association is a non-profit organization started by Kevin Woyjeck’s parents, Joe and Anna Woyjeck. It was founded as a way to honor and carry on Kevin’s legacy after his line of duty passing, battling the Yarnell, AZ wildfire on June 30th, 2013, alongside 19 crewmates. KWEFLA helps young men and women successfully participate in fire career related explorer programs, just like Kevin did himself. Kevin truly enjoyed the explorer program and what it had to offer him in reaching his dreams.

Fire explorer programs give young adolescents aging 15-21 years of age access to tools that help them follow their career goals, while shadowing real firefighters volunteering their time to teach and pass on knowledge. It fosters a priceless on-hand learning environment.


Support from the community, public and private sector is essential to our ability to support Fire Explorer programs across the country. To date, we’ve been able to donate gear, resources and funds to departments across California, Alabama and New York. To learn more how to make a difference, click here.

To make a donation to the Kevin Woyjeck Explorers for Life Association, please click the button below.